ECLS 2013

New Approaches and New Questions in Chinese Law

18 September

17:30: Welcome Reception, Jesus College, Turl Street

(Speakers and session chairs)

19 September

08:45: Registration and coffee

Common Room, Manor Road Building

09:00: Welcome (Lecture Theatre)

  • Hatla Thelle, ECLS
  • Timothy Endicott, Dean, Faculty of Law
  • Rogier Creemers, CSLS

09:30-10:30: Stakeholder Roundtable: Building Knowledge Bridges between Academia, Policy and the Profession (Lecture Theatre)

  • Richard Pascoe, Director, Great-Britain China Centre
  • Stephanie Mitchell, European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry
  • Hui Zheng, Allen & Overy
  • Xue Haibin, Zhonglun Law Firm

10:30-10:45: Coffee break (Common Room)

Common Room, Manor Road Building

10:45-12:30: Methods in Chinese legal research (Lecture Theatre, Chair: Bjorn Ahl)

  • Empirical Analysis of Chinese Criminal Judgments: Learning from Henan
    • Benjamin Liebman, Columbia Law School
  • Studying Dragons: How to Improve Empirical Research on China’s Legal System
    • John Wagner Givens, University of Louisville
  • Research on criminal law in China reconsidered: The limits of self-defense
    • Daniel Sprick, University of Cologne
  • Fragmentization Trends of China Law Studies under the Complex of Enlightening
    • Tang Yan, Chongqing University of Technology
    • Wang Lieqi, Southwest University of Political Science and Law

12:30-13:30: Lunch

13:30-16:00: Theoretical perspectives (Lecture Theatre, Chair: Rogier Creemers)

  • Law, China’s Development “Model” and its Implications
    • Jacques DeLisle, University of Pennsylvania
  • Law and Stability in the PR China – An Analysis of the Debate on the Reform of the Re-education Through Labour System
    • Katja Levy, Free University of Berlin
  • On the legal value orientation of social management innovation in China, based on the empirical analysis of “Yichang Model”
    • Wang Xigen, Wuhan University
  • What Can the Chinese Tax System Tell Us About the Rule of Law in China?
    • Bernard Schneider, Queen Mary, University of London
  • Competition and Compromise Between the Rule of Law and Social Harmony under China’s Criminal Procedure Law of 2012
    • Xing Lijuan, City University of Hong Kong
  • Constitutionalism Stranded in China? – A Critical Review of the Current Debate of Constitutionalism
    • Zhu Guobin, City University of Hong Kong

16.00-16.15: Coffee Break

16:15-18:00: Parallel sessions

Seminar Room A: Law and the Market (Chair: Katrin Blasek)

  • Enforcing Corporate Governance in China – Or Why We Should Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the CSRC
    • Alan Koh, National University of Singapore; Boston University
  • A Political Economy Approach to Chinese Competition Law
    • Wendy Ng, University of Melbourne Law School
  • New Chinese Law on Competition in Internet Information Service Market: Merit, Problem and Outlook
    • Tang Tao, Utrecht University
  • China’s State Capitalism and World Trade Law
    • Michael Du, Lancaster University

Lecture Theatre: The national, the international and the trans-national (Chair: Hatla Thelle)

  • The Chinese Government and Litigation Overseas
    • Vivienne Bath, University of Sydney
  • International Dispute Settlement: The Chinese Approach and Practice, and their Implications
    • Kong Qingjiang, China University of Political Science and Law
  • The Rise of China in International Investment Litigation – Negotiate and you shall litigate!
    • Julien Chaisse, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Political Pluralism and China: A Critical Appraisal on Chinese Legal System from an International Human Rights Law Perspective
    • Tian Sheng, National University of Singapore

18.30-20.30: Reception

St. Hugh’s College, St. Margaret’s Rd

(Walk from conference venue will be organized)


20 September

8.45-10:45: Parallel sessions

Seminar Room A: Toward A Renewed Approach to Chinese Law: Rethinking Law and Justice Paradigms (1) (Chair: Elisa Nesossi)

  • Introduction
    • Elisa Nesossi, Australian National University
  • Rethinking law and justice paradigms
    • Flora Sapio, Chinese University of Hong Hong
  • The law/politics nexus in criminal sentencing and judicial reform
    • Sue Trevaskes, Griffith University
  • Chinese sovereignty: translating, appropriating and challenging western sovereignty
    • Adele Carrai, Hong Kong University
  • Yuan (冤) and rights: conceptions of (in)justice in contemporary Chinese complaints practices
    • Eva Pils, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Seminar Room C: The judicial system in transition (Chair: Nick Barber)

  • The Xinfang system: A major threat to an effective judiciary
    • Vincenzo Palmisano, Hunan University
  • The Chinese State Judicial Exam – Tool for the Transition of the Chinese Judicial System?
    • Rebecka Zinser, Sino-German Institute of Legal Studies, University of Nanjing
  • Coordinating Criminal Procedural Agreement: Reflections on the Changing Character of State- Citizen Relationship in the Chinese Criminal Justice
    • Wei Pei, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • The Repoliticisation of the Chinese National Judicial Exam
    • Björn Ahl, University of Cologne

Seminar Room D: China’s Guiding Cases System: Evolution, Impact, and Prospects (Chair: Mei Gechlik, China Guiding Cases Project, Stanford University)

  • Huang Huifang, Kaohsiung District Court, Taiwan
  • Oma Lee, CGCP; Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Liang Jianchao, Dongguan Municipality No. 2 People’s Court, Guangdong Province
  • Dimitri Phillips, CGCP, Stanford Law School
  • Jeremy Schlosser, CGCP; Dorsey & Whitney LLP
  • Yin Shaobin, No. 1 Civil Division, Dongguan Municipality No. 2 People’s Court, Guangdong Province

10:45-11:00: Coffee Break

11:00-13:00: Parallel Sessions

Seminar Room A: Toward A Renewed Approach to Chinese Law: Rethinking Law and Justice Paradigms (2) (Chair: Flora Sapio)

  • Introduction
    • Flora Sapio, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Public Opinion and Chinese Criminal Justice Reform
    • Joshua Rosenzweig, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Justice and injustice in contemporary China
    • Elisa Nesossi, Australian National University
  • Rethinking procedural justice
    • Sarah Biddulph. University of Melbourne Law School
  • Critical discussion
    • Flora Sapio. The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Seminar Room C: Mechanisms of implementation (1) (Chair: Knut Pissler)

  • Labour Arbitration in China: Before the Courts and in the Labour Arbitration Commissions
    • Ronald Brown, University of Hawaii
  • Much Cry and Little Wool: Judicial Mediation Policy in Action in a Basic People’s Court in China
    • Xin Xin, City University of Hong Kong
  • Rule of law, dispute resolution theory and Chinese (court and civil) mediation
    • Li Silfverberg, University of Stockholm

Seminar Room D: Legal History (Chair: Ernest Caldwell)

  • The Limits of Judicial Reform in Late-Fifteenth Century China
    • Roger Greatrex, Lund University
  • ILO and Labour Protection in China: 1919-1949
    • Chen Yifeng, Helsinki University
  • The Myth, Truth and Ambivalence of the Taking Clause in Chinese Constitution
    • Peng Chun, University of Oxford
  • A Historical Analysis of the Crime of Inciting Subversion of State Power in Relation to the Right to Freedom of Expression in Chinese Constitution and International Human Rights Law
    • Hermann Aubié, University of Turku

13:00-14:00: Lunch (Manor Road Building, Common Room)

14:00-16:00: Parallel Sessions

Seminar Room A: Mechanisms of implementation (2) (Chair: Mimi Zou)

  • Innovative Measures to Improve Environmental Law Enforcement
    • Zhao Yuhong, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Overcoming the Obstacles to the Enforcement of ICSID Arbitral Awards in China
    • Li Fenghua, University of Glasgow
  • Special Tribunals in China – Are We Doomed to Repeat History?
    • Wei Shuai, City University of Hong Kong
  • Enforcement Without Foundation? – Insider Trading and China’s Administrative Law Crisis
    • Nicholas Howson, University of Michigan

Seminar Room C: Influences and perspectives on legislation and rulemaking (Chair: Paolo Farah)

  • Sustainability of legal transplants:  problems of legal translations in shaping Chinese rules on liability for environmental pollution.
    • Marina Timoteo, University of Bologna
  • A Sketch of Law with Chinese Characteristics: The Case of Hukou Legislation in Shenzhen
    • Fu Qiqi, China-EU School of Law
    • Paola Pasquali, Birkbeck School of Law, University of London
  • The China Model? – Toward a Developmental State Approach to Comparative Takeover Regulation
    • Xi Chao, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Should China enact a “Good Samaritan Law”?
    • Fernando Simões, University of Macau

Seminar Room D: Legal consciousness (Chair: Stéphanie Balme)

  • Open Environmental Information Administrative Litigation in China: the paradox of legal mobilization
    • Wang Xinhong, University of Turku
  • ’It’s not true but I believe it’. Haunted houses controversies in China
    • Simona Novaretti, University of Torino
  • Defying the Rules, Embracing the Court: “Paternalistic Enchantment” in Rural China
    • Feng Yuqing, City University of Hong Kong
    • Cao Qing, City University of Hong Kong

16:00-16:30: Closure session and Student Award Presentation (Lecture Theatre, Faculty of Law)

16:30-18:00 General Assembly ECLS (Lecture Theatre, Faculty of Law)

18:00: Informal drinks (Suggested pub: King’s Arms, Holywell Street/Parks Roa


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